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The revolutionary changes in communication are doing wonder in our lives. We can solve most of the problems and issue while sitting at home as internet has provided us access to whole globe.

The same is happening in education. It is easy for us to stay at the ease of our home and learn Islamic knowledge and Quran. We are here to facilitate you in this regard.

E-Quran is a project of Al Ehsaan Organization to help you learn the Holy Quran online. Al Ehsaan Online Quran Teaching has unveiled the new horizons of quality education. Our online tutors are 24 hours available to help you.

Al Ehsaan Online Institute was established in 2005 and it is continuously serving in spreading Allah’s message. The aim of this institute is to prepare scholars and educate them purely in the light of Quran and Sunnah who believe in Muslim brotherhood and are not involved in sectarianism.

The courses we are offering the following courses and these courses are available in Arabic, English and Urdu languages.

  • The Holy Quran — Reading, Translation and Interpretation
  • Quran Sciences
  • Hadith
  • Hadith Sciences
  • Seerah tun Nabi (Peace be upon Him)
  • Hadith Sciences
  • Fiqah, History and Literature


Al Ehsaan online institute is under the supervision of well-known Scholar Mr.Muhammad Rafiq.

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