“Islamic Excellence: Nurturing Knowledge, Spirituality, and Balance”

Scholars are the heirs of the Prophets” ( Abu Dawood, Tirmidhi) 

A Certificate of completion of Alim Course will be awarded -Now open for everyone with no prerequisites at all! (For Males & Females)

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Course Introduction

            Alim Course (The Two-year, program designed to train students into the classical Islamic sciences and degree of “Alim” is awarded after this).The object of the course is to provide relevant and reliable religious knowledge of Islam into our lives and culture, and help us balance our lives according to Quraan and Sunnah.  This course is designed for those students who have basic awareness of Islam, and to give the students a base to become an Alim to help them to spread Islamic knowledge worldwide.  At the same time, it is to help students survive in modern societies with the authentic Islamic values.  Our staff consists of highly educated, well trained, moreover certified Alims.


  • Provide reliable and comprehensive understanding of Islam
  • Foster spiritual growth and connection to Allah
  • Understand deeper meaning of Shariah and apply this in daily routine
  • Have practical knowledge and skills to implement Islamic ethics and moral values in personal, social and professional life
  • Empower to lead a balanced life by integrating Islamic values in the community
  • Acquire modern techniques to propagate Islamic teaching all over the globe

Salient features:

  • Highly educated and well trained staff
  • Multimedia learning resources
  • Life time after course support
  • Digital certificate

Course starts form 29 April, 2024.


Time (PKT):   8.00 PM  to 11.00 PM  (Pakistan Time Zone) 

Time (USA):   9:00AM to 12:00 PM (Eastern Time) 


Duration of above course is about 2 years, it contains 4 semesters each having the duration of 6 months and one initial semester of duration 2 months. The detail of the courses is given below:

Fee structure:

  • 75.00 USD per month For USA
  • 60.00 £ per month For UK
  • 100.00 USD per month For Canada
  • 250.00 Saudi Rial For Saudia Arabia
  • pkr 15 thousand per month For Pakistan
  • Registration fee one time only (25 USD)

Pay Fee Online

After submitting the fee, please send a copy of your receipt to this number(+92 321 5172522)

Course’s Language 

 Course will be taught in Urdu Language 


  •  Al-Ustaaz Abu Saif Muhammad Rafiq
  •  Al-Shaikh Abdul Hanan Zahid

Curriculum :

  1. Tafseer ul Quran
  2. Al Aqidah
  3. Hadith and Fiqh
  4. Principles of Tafseer
  5. Principles of Hadith
  6. Principles of Fiqh
  7. Arabic Grammar
  8. Tajweed
  9. Meraath
  10. Arabic Language
  11. Al Sirah

Tafseer ul Quraan(Complete Quraan)

  • Word for word translation and its analysis
  • History of revelation of the Holy Quraan
  • Detailed explanation of Commandments & Stories of Quraan
  • Connection among the verses
  • Arabic Grammar used in the verses

Hadith and Fiqh

Book: “Bologh ul Maram by Hafiz ibne Hajerبلوغ المرام من أدلة الأحكام لحافظ ابن حجر العسقلاني

We will discuss information about the narrators concerning their:

  • Name, ancestry, moniker, tribal name, birthplace and date, place of death
  • When they accepted Islam
  • Major battles they participated in
  • Noteworthy accomplishments
  • Important stories about their life
  • Important information about the text of the Hadith
  • Classification of the strength/weakness of Hadith
  • Translating and understanding difficult words used
  • The relation of the Hadith to its chapter
  • Clarifying words or phrases that are implied but not clearly mentioned
  • Understanding the rulings and orders
  • Mentioning other Hadith relating to the subject
  • Classification of the chain of narrators
  • Mentioning the benefits of the Hadith and its relation to our daily lives
  • Defining the places and people mentioned in the Hadith
  • Referencing the circumstances surrounding the mentioning of the Hadith
  • Discussing whether the Hadith was abrogated and the reason for its abrogation

Principles of Tafseer

Book: (Muqadimah Ibn e Tymiyah مقدمة ابن تيميه في أصول التفيبر)

  • Detailed understanding of the rules of the quran
  • Methods of interpretation

Principles of Hadith

Book: (Atyab ul Minah  أطيب المنح في علم المصطلح )

  • Types of Hadith according to Narrator (Isnad(
  • Types of Hadith according to Matan.
  • Principles of Sound (Sahih) and Weak Hadith (Zayeef(
  • Knowledge of Jirah and Ta’deel Hadith books and Introduction of Mohaddatheen

Principles of Fiqh

  • Principles of deduction according to Quraan text
  • Principles of deduction according to Ahadith and Aa’saar
  • Consensus of opinion (Jam’a(
  • Analogical deduction (Qiyaas(

Arabic Grammar

  • Types of noun
  • Types of verbs
  • Types of harf (alphabets/preposition(
  • Marfu’aat (Nominative Case(
  • Mansubaat ( Accusative Case(
  • Majroraat (Genetive Case(


  • Correct sounds and Pronounciation of the Arabic letters
  • Rules of Noon, Meem, Raa, and Laam
  • Rules of Madd
  • Rules of Waqf


  • Pre Islamic Customary/Conditions of Inheritance
  • The Concept of Mirath
  • Islamic rulings about Mirath (Inheritance)
  • Settlement of Debt
  • Rules as to who inherits and who is to be inherited
  • Share that goes to the heirs


Arabic Language

  • Listening
  • Understanding
  • Speaking
  • Writing


Tentative Schedule

  • 2 periods of duration 90 minutes each will be held everyday, all subjects will be taught in a sequence.
  • The classes will held from Monday to Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be off.

Note: Recordings of all droos (lessons) will be available for the registered students

Course Resources

 Reading Material:

  • All Books in PDF format
  • All lessons will be recorded.
  • Students will be able to post their questions, feedback or discussion on the Course Forum.
  • Teachers and Teaching Assistants will be available to assist students through online services

Certificates will be awarded at the end of the course


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