Al Ehsaan Quran Academy Courses

Course: Nazra with Tajweed

Learning Objectives: 
After completing the Qaida, the next step is Nazra. In this course, students learn to read the Quran verbally by using the rules of tajweed.

Benefits (Allah willing): 

Recite Quran correctly
After taking Nazra classes student will be able to start memorizing Quran which is the most beneficial aspect of Nazra
After completing Nazra classes student will be able to teach Quran to others


Small suras will be the starting point for Nazra.
The rhythm of a child for recitation of Quran shall be increased gradually.
Once the student picks up the pace for Quran recitation, the Tajweed rules shall be presented to him/her so that these can be embedded in his recitation.

The child of 4 – 10 years of age – 400 hours
The child of 6 – 15 years of age – 300 hours
The child of 15-25 years of age – 250 hours
The student above 25 years of age – 200 hours


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